No Drama Gemstone Pocket Stone Set

This gemstone kit contains the essentials for keeping drama out of your life and learning to deflect people who try to bring it into your life.

- Keeping the drama out of your life by not attracting negative people or energies

- Learning to let the little things bounce off of you

- Being more grounded and focused on positive things in life


You will receive 2 different gemstones selected at random (based on availability) from this list:

  • Fancy Jasper
  • Green Aventurine
  • Onyx
  • Opalite
  • Scolecite

Your kit comes with a carrying pouch so you can carry the stones in your pocket, bag, or purse.


  • Place on desk, nightstand, or in the car
  • Perfect for crystal grids
  • Hold while in meditation or quiet reflection
  • Incorporate with home décor

Kit Contains:

  • 2 stones (may be tumbled or rough)
  • 1 Carrying Pouch
  • Metaphysical properties of the stones paperwork

The stones are approximately 0.6"-1" in length.  Each stone is unique and will feature its own color saturation, patterns, and shape.  The photograph represents standard examples of the gemstones used for this kit.

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Lauren Troxell

Purchased as a gift. They love it!