Peridot Gemstone Chip Bottle

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Peridot

Stone of Light

Peridot is associated with solar energy and the Sun. It is a stone believed to be able to drive out the forces of darkness and instill the power of the light. It will help you to be more aware of your spiritual powers and gifts and create a channel of power in which you can grow your supernatural abilities. It is a stone that provides protection and will keep your aura field safe. This gemstone is exceptionally diverse in its talens as it can also provide self-confidence, drive away fears, calm tempers, release obsessions, and promote forgiveness. It was a beloved stone of warriors and soldiers for its ability to keep cowardice away in the face of hardship.

Peridot is a pale green, olive green, lime green, or yellow green colored gemstone which can be are formed through the fires of molten rock and brought to the surface by violent behavior in the Earth's upper mantle (typically earthquakes and volcanoes).

You will receive one stone glass bottle, 1.75" in height, filled with gemstone chips.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful as always

I've ordered almost all the chip bottles available! I love them. They're a good price, packaged nicely, good size, and they fill them with such beautiful little clean chips. By far one of my favorite crystal shops. I love that they give you a cute paper with information about the crystal you order.

Peridot chips in bottle

Cute, small bottle full of clean Peridot chips. Nice printout description of metaphysical properties provided. Packaged well, fast delivery.

Nice, full bottle of peridot chips. Perfect for what I...

Nice, full bottle of peridot chips. Perfect for what I needed. Fast shipment, wonderful print-outs of information on each stone, & simply always a pleasure to do business with is why I'm a repeat customer.