Phenacite Natural Gemstone - Stone of Heavenly Energies - Multiple Sizes!

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Phenacite is a unique stone that can feature pale colorations. It's a fairly uncommon stone among crystal collections, so if you're on the hunt for something that can make a fresh addition to your gem family, then you may want to take a look at this!

You will receive one rough, natural Phenacite in the weight size you have chosen. They are measured in grams and range from 0.25"-0.75" in width, depending on the specimen.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Phenacite

Phenacite allows you to work with love and heavenly energies, opening you to spiritual growth, awareness, and visions.  When you place Phenacite on any of your Chakras it provides immediate cleansing, clearing, and activation of the Chakra core.  As you work with Phenacite it activates your Chakras and helps you focus on what you need to see & know for your self-introspection and awareness. Phenacite is used to access your Higher Self and move along the path to Enlightenment, as it allows for greater communication with Angelic and Spirit Guides.

Phenacite channels energy and can direct it where it needs to go, providing a unidirectional force.

This remarkable crystal is renowned among crystal healers for its potential to support dream work and facilitate prophetic dreams. While it's not a fact of science, many people believe that phenacite can have a powerful influence on the sleeping state, making it a valuable ally for those who are interested in exploring the realm of dreams.

According to crystal healers, phenacite has the ability to enhance dream recall and interpretation, providing greater clarity and depth to one's dream experiences. By stimulating the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind, this crystal encourages a stronger spiritual connection, allowing individuals to tap into the symbolic messages and spiritual guidance that may be embedded within their dreams.

In addition to its support for dream work, phenacite is also believed to be particularly valuable for those who seek prophetic dreams. By expanding the spiritual awareness and stimulating the intuitive faculties, phenacite opens up channels of precognition and foresight during the dream state, allowing individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and gain insights into future events, situations, or teachings that may be revealed through these prophetic dreams.

While the use of phenacite for dream work and prophetic dreams is not scientifically proven, many people have reported positive experiences with this crystal. For spiritual practitioners and individuals dedicated to analyzing their dreams, phenacite can be an essential companion on the journey, providing valuable support and insights that can help unlock the deeper spiritual realms that dreams often offer access to.

Overall, while the use of phenacite for dream work and prophetic dreams may not be scientifically proven, many people have found it to be a valuable tool in their spiritual practice. If you're interested in exploring the potential benefits of this crystal for yourself, consider incorporating it into your meditation or dream work practice and see what insights and guidance it may offer.

These specimens are from Kogi, Nassarawa, Nigeria.

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Paul Tarasi
Amazing Phenacite Natural Gemstone!

Thank you for this Beautiful Phenacite Natural Gemstone! It is a Magnificent addition to my Crystal collection! Also, thank you for the wonderful gifts of Moss Agate, Zebra Amber, Carnelian Agate, Natural Agate, and Raw Ruby Corundum that was included with my order!!! I greatly appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness!! Crystal Gemstone Shop is the Best place to shop for Crystals!! Paul

Marcela Armstrong
Thank you! it is so lovely, love the free...

Thank you! it is so lovely, love the freebies too!

Cielo Bartoletti
Beautiful piece! Lovely packaged and very...

Beautiful piece! Lovely packaged and very timely. Thank you.

Kendra Iglehart

Every stone I've received so far has exceeded expectations!