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Discover the rustic allure of the Picture Jasper Crystal, a gemstone celebrated for its natural and earthy charm. Each tumbled stone of Picture Jasper is unique, showcasing patterns that evoke, or are reminiscent of, stunning landscapes or serene sandy deserts. This gemstone is not just a feast for the eyes; Picture jasper has meaning as a symbol of tranquillity and wisdom.

As a decorative element, Picture Jasper can offer earthy, beige tones to a setting with its distinctive beauty and picturesque appearance. Dive into our tumbled picture jasper crystals and take one home to frame your mineral collection.

Product Information:
These Picture Jasper tumbled stones measure approximately 0.5 - 0.8 Inch long.

These are natural materials, and coloration varies greatly from stone to stone (see photos).

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Picture Jasper
Picture Jasper is a stone exalted for its protective abilities by ancient peoples. It is a stone that forms a clear path from the past into the future, helping us to visualize our dreams, goals, and wishes. Picture Jasper then helps us to stay grounded and balanced as we work toward building those desires into reality. It is a supportive and protective stone, shielding us from stressful and chaotic energies that try to sway us from our positive journey. By keeping us centered, Picture Jasper creates an inner harmony and peace that allows us to bring the wisdom or the past with us into the future.

Picture Jasper Properties
Picture Jasper comes in shades of brown, tan, and beige. Depending on where it has been sourced, it may exhibit a “wood grain” appearance, or a sandy landscape of hills and valleys. Different types and colorations of Picture Jasper include: Biggs Jasper, Owyhee Jasper, and Deschutes Jasper.

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The detail

I cannot believe the detail of this crystal. I have other pieces of Picture Jasper that are not even close to how awesome this is. Very pleased with this crystal.


The best piece of Picture Jasper I have seen. Amazing!

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Owl Wheat

I love the different colors, and amazing for the collection. Thank you.

Jeannine Roob
Stunning stone!!! 😍 More beautiful than in...

Stunning stone!!! 😍
More beautiful than in the pictures!
Quick shipping and carefully packaged! Even included information on each of the stones I ordered. Highly recommend this shop! 💯

Jennifer Bliss
Picture Jasper

Mine was a bit on the greener side which I like. I was hoping for more "picture" type pattern but I did order a small one so I'm sure it's hard to get the detail on a smaller one. PLEASED regardless.