Polychrome Jasper Tumbled Gemstone

Bring Home the Bold and Beautiful Polychrome Jasper Stone

Polychrome Jasper is a bold and beautiful stone with striking colors. It is a stone of action as Polychrome Jasper meanings include motivation, determination, and fulfillment of your desires. Working with it in meditation can help you find great stimulation of your creative thought process and your creative mind. This tumbled Jasper is a delightful stone to work with and is a wonderful way to stimulate your mind

These specimens are from Madagascar.

You will receive one stone of your choice of size:

  • Small: between 0.75"-1" on the longest side
  • Medium: between 1.1"-1.5" on the longest side

Unlock Your Creative Side and Get Things Done With Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper is a stone of action and motivation, helping you to invigorate your passion and seek that which pleases you. Associated with the element of fire, this stone is perfect for those who are finding life to be stale, those who need a little extra help with problem-solving, or those who are looking to be more creative in their artistic expression. Polychrome Jasper features bold colors like brown, red, tan, gray, and white. It is also known as Royal Savannah Jasper and Desert Jasper.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Tyrpak
Happy shopper

Gems were beautiful and wrapped beautifully very happy with my purchase and will definitely purchase again

aliyah emo

AHH i love this stone, especially to get me out of the rut i've been in with schoolwork and stress, it's very pretty, as expected!

Lovely as always

I've come to expect nothing but the best from this store. They have an awesome etsy store as well as a metaphysical shop, I believe but each one has provided high quality stones/Crystal's at a fair price with personal customer service.
These polychrome ot desert jasper pieces are exquisite and very vibrant with a calming energy.

Somer Healey
So impressed with this shop!

So impressed with this shop! The stones are even more beautiful in person. I will definitely buy more from this shop in the future.

Somer Healey
Such a wonderful shop!

Such a wonderful shop! Everything I have ordered has such an amazing quality and the seller is so kind. Excellent communication :)