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This Sterling Silver ring features romantic embellishment with a beautiful polished Reuleaux triangle Rainbow Moonstone at its center. The Reuleaux triangle shape can be found at the center of the Triquetra, and as such can be used to symbolize balance and harmony. This is a highly appropriate shape for Rainbow Moonstone to take, since it is a crystal of balance and serenity.

Product Information:  
You will receive one Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone ring in the "Europa" style, in the size you have chosen from the dropdown menu. Rings are in USA sizes.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, & Meaning of Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is a tremendously prismatic and beautiful gemstone which diffuses and filters the immortal powers of the Universe and brings them to the Earth. You will find a wonderful balance between nature and your divinity in the presence of Rainbow Moonstone. The gemstone stimulates your natural psychic abilities and readies the mind during sleep for powerful lucid dreaming sessions. It is a lunar gemstone with a serene, nurturing energy that soothes away chaotic energies to leave you balanced and cocooned in positivity. If you enjoy the power and energy of the Moon, you will love the discovery powers of Rainbow Moonstone. The stone provides calming and balancing energies while providing a natural protective field.

Rainbow Moonstone Properties
Rainbow Moonstone is a beautiful white stone which sometimes exhibits an ethereal blue flash from deep within. Often, Rainbow Moonstone shows black inclusions of Tourmaline, which enhance its powers for spiritual healing and drawing in good luck. Some raw specimens may also feature scales of gorgeous, glittering mica!

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, & Meaning of Sterling Silver

Silver is a reflective metal known for keeping negative energy away from those who wear it. Mythologically, Silver is tied to protection, purity, and truth. As a metaphysical metal, Silver is known for promoting good balance within the mind, body & soul, helping you to remove negative energy from your life, and attracting blessings & positive thinking. It is used in jewelry for its beautiful shine and is valued across the world. 

Sterling Silver Properties
While its beauty is treasured, Silver is not known for its tensile strength, and the material can easily be bent or scratched if care is not taken. Silver jewelry should always be handled carefully, as Silver is a delicate metal and may sustain scratches or bends if it rubs against harsh materials or surfaces. While Sterling Silver tarnishes naturally over time, it can be carefully buffed away with a gentle cloth. Harsh chemicals should not be used on Sterling Silver, and some Silver Polishes may damage gemstones that are set in the metal. When cleaning your Sterling Silver, it is important to thoroughly research the best methods for your specific piece.

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I wear this everyday. I LOVE the moonstone, and the ring design is gorgeous. It has a daintiness about it but it's strong, just PERFECT!