Red Aventurine Crystal Gemstone Vogel Wand - Tool for Focusing Intent! - [ 1.75" - 2" ]

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You will receive one Red Aventurine Vogel, measuring approximately 1.75" - 2" long. Thickness of specimens varies from Vogel to Vogel.

Metaphysical Properties of the Vogel

 The purpose of the Vogel shape is to amplify the interaction between yourself and the Universal Life Force which surrounds us all. While using the Vogel, you both send & receive the powers of the Universal Life Force through your 3 bodies and simultaneously amplify the powers of the stone itself. It refracts the supernatural gifts and abilities which each stone naturally possesses through you and along your life path. Everything you feel in working with a particular gemstone, you will feel more strongly & more personally if that gemstone has been shaped into a focus Vogel. Likewise when you use the Vogel for any kind of self-improvement work, introspection, energy manipulation, or evolution you both receive and expel powerful shifts of Life Force energy from within.

When you use your Vogel during meditation, quiet time, manifesting, casting rituals or spells, or interacting with spirits you enter a deep stage of focus and realization. The Vogel stone provides a vast shift of power from within you and allows you harmonize with yourself in order to forge a stronger connection with the Universal Consciousness and your spirit guides. You create a prismatic thread of focus which can provide spiritual strength and support you on a higher level.

Vogels are a must-have for anyone who wants to strengthen their work in magick or the paranormal, because they act as a supreme conduit between you and the mystical realms. The shape is exceptional for focusing intentions and laying out a clear path for any mystical work. You can keep the Vogel near you in a carrying pouch or hold it in your hand to fully appreciate the level and breadth of power it can extend to you. You will find your mind, body & spirit are far more engaged in any supernatural work that you undertake.

Metaphysical Properties of Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine resonates with the Fire Element and can bring a flow of passion, determination and power through your body. If you want to get in touch with your life force (prana) this stone awakens you from the core of your being. Red aventurine stimulates your self-awareness and self-realization allowing for you to see a true picture of yourself and find introspection. If you are on a path of enlightenment or meditation this stone will stimulate your Crown & Heart Chakras together to facilitate deep connections with your divine self.

Red Aventurine ranges from a pale beige-orange to a deeper red-orange, and may even extend into the maroon family. it is an opaque stone with slight internal sparkle, and may exhibit banding or spots of other stones growing within or alongside it.

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