Rhodonite Polished Gemstone Phallus - Multiple Sizes!

Phallic Symbolism

The phallus is a symbol of virility, courage, and stamina.  An ancient symbol carved as talismans, statues, jewelry, and emblems on textiles, the phallus has been attributed to gods, fertility, warrior status, and the strength of a civilization.  The phallus continues to represent the male element as a timeless symbol.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Rhodonite

Stone of Compassion, Love, & Emotion

Rhodonite is a gemstone that inspires generosity, grace and compassion. It can heal emotional wounds as well as past life scars which you continue to carry with you. As a gemstone is creates a path of forgiveness for yourself and for others. You can make great amends through work with this stone Rhodonite acts as an insulating focus for success in your life. The gemstone encourages you to reach your full potential in life and leave nothing to chance. You will fall in love with the diverse and inspiring abilities of this pink and black gemstone.

Rhodonite is a beautiful stone of pink and black. It can sometimes feature the color of ivory or tan. The pink can be from a pale pink to a hot pink and can have varying shades in the same specimen.

You will receive one phallus in the approximate size you have chosen.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathy Lawless
Rhodonite Polished Phallus

The stone and the reading of its properties
Is just what I was wishing for, to help a friend to heal on a deep level. Thank you for your fill moon blessing and your care.

Felicia Smith
Love it :D

Love my love stone, already peace, prosperity, and love are blossoming all around me. Thanks can't wait to get more :D

Ben Meade

Love it

Rikki Weber

Amazing! I am so happy finding this place!!!