Black Tourmaline Natural Raw Rough Gemstone


Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Black Tourmaline

Gemstone to Clear Negativity

Experience the negativity-blocking benefits of raw black tourmaline. This rough stone has a beautiful, organic texture that feels good in your hand while its mysterious, jet-black color has a grounding quality. You can use it to create a protective grid and clear negativity from your home, office, or any other space. 

You will receive one Black Tourmaline in the size range you have chosen.

Metaphysical Notes

Black tourmaline possesses natural powers of good luck and emotional healing. It resonates with the Root Chakra and allows for you to repel negative energy away from you. This gemstone holds a highly influential energy that can bring about significant improvement on your path to luck and restoration. 

In addition, this stone can also:

  • Deliver good luck and repel bad luck
  • Surround you with emotional healing and rejuvenating energies
  • Promote healing in areas of voids in the three bodies
  • Soothe frazzled energy for better focus and concentration

This is an excellent stone for those who want to create greater motivation and focus in their life. In the morning, raw tourmaline can give supportive power to your mind and help you gain clarity. It shields you against the bad intentions of others while raising your positive energy to enlighten you and draw a harmonious atmosphere.

Gemstones Picked With Care

At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we understand the beauty, importance, and significance of gemstones. We have 20 years of experience with crystal healing and gemstones, and we bring that expertise to you by hand-selecting each gemstone for the highest quality and best price.

When you shop with us, you’ll get a free gemstone and handwritten note with every purchase, free shipping on orders over $99, and access to our Loyalty Rewards Program. We’re here to help you find the crystal or gemstone you need for this particular step in your journey. 

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Customer Reviews

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Cristina Dorda Soriano
Great quality

I love the piece that I got! Thank you so much!

Kameron Threatt

It was a bit smaller than I was thinking

Lexi Carney

Black Tourmaline Natural Raw Rough Gemstone

Excellent Service, Product and Delivery Time!

I ordered two pieces of Black Tourmaline, and they arrived within 10 days, and I live in Canada. The pieces are authentic! I appreciate it. Thank you! I will be ordering more crystals in the future.

Barrett Brandt

The perfect size ❤️