Milky Quartz Crystal Natural Rough Raw Gemstone - Stone of Soothing

Metaphysical Properties of Milky Quartz

Quartz is the living embodiment of power.  It is the most powerful crystal among all for its supernatural abilities related to healing, living memory, spiritual guidance, spiritual power, connections to all paranormal forces, and ability to project and interact within all the Realms. Milky Quartz specifically helps to soothe nervous and anxious energies, and attract a peaceful calm from within. The milky white of Milky Quartz is due to hundreds of tiny, natural internal fractures and inclusions within the stone. When meditating with Milky Quartz, the frenzied thoughts and tangled feelings of everyday life seem to melt away into a soothing background hum, allowing us to focus on the positive and move forward with calm and grace. The mental clarity and focus afforded by all forms of Quartz is softened in Milky Quartz, becoming a nurturing cocoon of protection that brings us back to baseline and allows us to feel safe, strong, and renewed.

You will receive a specimen between 1.75" - 3" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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Jocelyn Mares
Love it

Got a really nice piece

Love it!

LOVE this piece, such a good size & beautiful raw crystal!

Robert Reyes

I love them. Crystal Gemstone Shop is great! Fast service!!

Margaret Halford
Rough quartz

Love them. Would have loved a different shape chunk. They were all sort of elongated. But I love them

Courtney Manders
Perfect Christmas gift!

Got this gift for my step mom and she absolutely loved her crystals. Tonight she’s charging them in the full moon! Thank you so much for the beautiful cuts of gems and the beautiful quality of gift wrapping. It was perfect.