Rose Quartz Raw Crystal Natural Rough Gemstone

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Raw Rose Quartz is a crystal of natural beauty and resonating love, giving a gentle look when displayed in the home or altar space. Ranging from a pale pink to a truly rosy shade depend on the specimen, raw Rose Quartz is a gemstone of the Heart Chakra, encouraging romance, empathy, and sincere affection. Meditate with Rose Quartz when you want to surround yourself with love and emotional healing, work on your empathic abilities and compassion, or when you want to strengthen your relationships.

Product Information:  
You will receive one Rose Quartz raw crystal measuring approximately 1 - 2 Inch long.

Bee's Advice 🐝
Raw stones are unpolished and feature rough texture, natural internal fractures, and inclusions inherent to the growth patterns of the stone. Since they may have rough or sharp edges, raw crystals are not suggested for small children.

If you are polishing raw Rose Quartz in your home tumbler, please remember to tumble it with stones similar to its Mohs hardness level (≥ 7) for best results. 

How to Cleanse Rose Quartz
We advise spiritually cleansing and charging Rose Quartz with a Selenite tile or bowl for ease, but it is also considered a water safe crystal, and so can be safely submerged in Moon Water for cleansing. 

If using Water for cleansing, take care to examine your Rose Quartz for reddish-orange inclusions beforehand, as the presence of Hematite in the stone may allow for rust stains to form. If you are unsure whether the inclusion in your Rose Quartz in Hematite, it is best to use an alternative cleansing method just in case.

Dry Salt Cleansing or Smoke Cleansing with Sage, Incense, or Herbs are other safe ways to spiritually cleanse your Rose Quartz crystal. Full Moonlight exposure is another great method for cleansing and charging Rose Quartz.

Crystals and gemstones are nature's true beauties, but they are not a substitute for seeking professional medical, legal, health, or financial advice.  Crystals and gemstones are to be used in conjunction with any professional care you are receiving and do not provide healing, cures, or other remedies modern medicine can provide.  The information provided in our listings with regard to the powers of crystals and gemstones are all derived from personal & professional experience with crystals & gems as well as ancient wisdom and texts documenting knowledge gained from civilizations around the world.  They are not backed by the FDA or scientific/government resources.  Our crystals & gemstones are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or malady.  Our crystals and gemstones are also not a replacement for seeking professional legal advice, financial advising, or any other field of professional expertise.  Crystals and gemstones are intended to be appreciated for their natural power and beauty, and used alongside modern, professional methods.

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As expected.. amazing!!



Big and beautiful

My piece has a pretty pale pink color and it is BIG. It’s on my desk at work and it’s very soothing.


I love it! Perfect for display!


My favorite crystal. Perfect for my zodiac sign, Libra, and it promotes peace balance and harmony in love.