Ruby Kyanite Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Ruby

Ruby - Stone of Ethereal Power & Royalty

Ruby bespeaks of nobility, power, prestige and elite status in the world. It is a stone hailed and coveted by royalty of civilizations worldwide from ancient times to present day. Many civilizations believed the ruby was the king of all gemstones and in some cases was more desired and valuable than diamonds. The King of Ceylon was said to be in possession of one of the most magnificent rubies on Earth. Marco Polo relayed this information to Kublai Khan who lusted after the ruby and offered the King of Ceylon an entire city in exchange for the ruby; but was refused. The ruby gemstone works with the life force of all living beings and will activate and work through all of your Chakras. As its color suggests it works like a bloodline between the mortal and immortal worlds bringing supernatural grace, power and wonderment. It attracts prosperity, confidence and wisdom while also stimulating the passions, desires and erotic attachments of the heart, mind and body. It is a stone of all forms of love and the perfection which accompanies true love. Which is why it was long considered the stone for brides rather than the diamond. Rubies were considered warm and holding the blood of life within its grasp, whereas diamonds were considered colder and less responsive to the needs of the heart.

Ruby gemstones are usually a maroon red to blood red in color and vary greatly by location and quality of the specimen.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Kyanite

Kyanite - Stone to Filter Energy

Kyanite is a pass-through gemstone that will filter energy but never retains energy. It is a prismatic gemstone that will filter away negative energy and channel positive energy into your Chakras. Kyanite is great for self-expression and finding your true voice. It is a stone that helps you to achieve a deeper level of meditation as it can feed you energy to relax you into a more comprehensive state of awareness. You should work with kyanite if you need to clear blockages from your life as it will filter away the blocking energies and only allow energy to be a conduit through you. Keep kyanite near you when you need the courage to speak your mind as it will give you the clarity and focus to use your Crown & Throat Chakras in unison to get your true message across.

You will receive 1 stone, approximately 0.75"-1.25" on its longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Selima
Filtering Emotions

Really felt like my Ruby Kyanite filtered my emotions, helping me sort through sloughs of what was a jumbled mess. Made me feel a connection with my more royal ancestors, and there was some divine connection as well.

Meghan Gould
beautiful stone

beautiful stone and fast shipping! I love everything I bought!


Love everything about this stone. The size, weight, shape colors, feel, everything!


Great working with Crystal Gemstone Shop

Jared Muradian
Ruby Kyanite

Just amazed at the quality of this gemstone, excellent value!