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These raw ruby red crystal stones can make for an excellent addition to your home decor! If you're an avid collector of gems, you've probably heard of ruby, especially since it's a fairly famous stone. You can own your own slice of natural ruby, just check down below for more details!
Product Information:
These Ruby stones are approximately 0.25 - 0.5 Inch long.
You will receive the amount you have chosen from the dropdown menu.

Specimens are natural, raw materials that vary in shape (see photos).
These are unpolished and full of texture.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Ruby
Ruby bespeaks of nobility, power, prestige, and elite status in the world.  Many civilizations believed the Ruby was the king of all gemstones and in some cases was more desired and valuable than Diamonds. The Ruby gemstone works with the life force of all living beings and will activate and work through all of your Chakras.  As its color suggests, it works like a bloodline between the mortal and immortal worlds bringing supernatural knowledge, power, and courage.  Ruby attracts prosperity, confidence, and wisdom while also stimulating passion, desire, and erotic energy.  It is a stone of all forms of affection and the perfection which accompanies true love and romance.  Ruby is a true stone of many blessings, opening us to a greater love of ourselves and others!

The Root Chakra is believed by some crystal healers to hold immense significance in our physical and spiritual well-being. According to this belief, it acts as the foundation for our entire being. It is believed to contain our fundamental life force energy, which provides us with a sense of grounding, stability, and security.

Some crystal healers believe that when the Root Chakra is balanced, which ruby stones can help with, it enables the smooth flow of energy throughout our body, fostering a harmonious connection between the physical and spiritual realms. It is believed to act as an anchor, allowing us to feel safe and rooted in spirituality. Just as the Root Chakra resonates with the Element of Earth, it is believed to embody the qualities of stability, strength, and nourishment.

Some crystal healers believe that the significance of a balanced Root Chakra goes beyond its individual impact on our well-being. They believe that it serves as a vital connection point to the other chakras, acting as a support system that grounds and stabilizes their energies. According to this belief, cultivating a strong and balanced Root Chakra can enhance our sense of security, provide a solid foundation for personal growth, and enhance our ability to navigate the physical world with confidence and stability.

Crystal healers argue that ruby stimulates the Root Chakra, which adds stability to any situation. It helps to ground individuals emotionally and stimulates the flow of life-force energy throughout the body.

However, it is important to note that this perspective is not grounded in science and should be viewed solely as a belief held by some crystal healers. If you are interested in exploring this topic further, you may find it helpful to research and consult with reputable sources.

Ruby Properties
Ruby gemstones are usually a maroon red to blood red in color and vary greatly by location and quality of the specimen. Rubies that are not jewelry-grade and faceted usually appear to be opaque and may exhibit natural internal fractures.

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