Sculpture Stone Natural Rock Formation - Amazing Earth Science!

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These gorgeous stones are known as sculpture stones, and they make for excellent natural crystal decor! if you love unique raw stones, then you may want to take a look at these formation!

Metaphysical Properties of Sculpture Stone

These natural rock formations are known as Sculpture Stones, due to their unique and artful appearance.  Sculpture Stones can consist of many different types of material, including Bedded Chert, Limestone, Sandstone, Mudstone, Jasper, Shale, Stromatolite, Petrified Wood, and many more, depending on the precise area where they formed. Most often, these wonders can be found in natural shades of grey, rust, brown, yellow, and beige. 

Born from sediment in an ancient seabed in New Mexico that has long since become desert, these natural wonders have been weathered by water and wind, cracked by the heat of the Sun and the shifting plates of the Earth, making each one a testament to the power of the Elements and the careful balance of Nature. Spiritually, these stones offer a more nuanced understanding of our own place in the Universe, and how the smallest action can create an unforeseen result. This mindfulness and expanded viewpoint allow us to accept the things which we cannot control, feel more gratitude for the beauty that abounds in daily life, and weather any hardships that come our way. Sculpture Stones are Mother Earth's reminders that we can come through any difficulty, even if the end result is not as we expected, and that we are no less beautiful for the scars we may carry.

You will receive one Sculpture Stone, measuring approximately 2" - 3" across and approximately 2" - 3" tall. Each Sculpture Stone is completely unique, and no two are shaped in the same way!

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