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Bring home some of our Golden Healer Quartz tumbled crystals today and enjoy the gentle splashes of sunny yellow trapped within the gemstone. Each of these lovely yellow Hematoid Quartz crystals is a unique gift from Mother Earth, formed over millions of years. Tumbled stones like these can be used in wire wrapped jewelry projects, crystal grids, meditation, or spiritual healing. Welcome the metaphysical properties of Hematoid Quartz into your life!

Hematoid Quartz (aka: Ferruginous Quartz) is a fascinating natural crystal with many names! Deriving color from inclusions of Hematite, Limonite, and other minerals, Hematoid Quartz crystals that exhibit yellow-orange to brown coloring are commonly referred to as Golden Healer Quartz while Hematoid Quartz crystals that exhibit pink to red coloring are referred to as Fire Quartz (and sometimes Harlequin Quartz). These different varieties of Hematoid Quartz carry slightly different spiritual meanings and are used in different ways for metaphysical practices.

Golden Healer Quartz (also called Yellow Hematoid Quartz) is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and Crown Chakra, and is used in crystal healing, reiki, and meditation because of its radiant, positive energies. The meaning of Hematoid Quartz crystal is magnified awareness, not just spiritually, but personally. Known as a gem for self improvement, Golden Healer Quartz encourages us to refine our emotional intelligence, build a healthy self image, practice mindfulness, and be more considerate of the effect our actions have on others.

Product Information:
You will receive one Hematoid Quartz tumbled crystal measuring approximately 0.5 - 1 inch long. 

These tumbled stones are natural Hematoid Quartz crystal, and will feature freeform shaping, spots of texture, natural internal fractures, and mineral inclusions. Color, amount, and placement of mineral inclusions varies from stone to stone, as pictured.

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Always wanted this golden healer

Mb Kling
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Flo Beauredon
Gorgeous pieces!

I absolutely LOVE my Hematoid Quartz Golden Yellow stones! Each one is so unique and, as usual, fast shipping and beautiful wrapping, with healing properties of the crystals included!

Rachel Selima
Enchanting Color

I love all things yellow, so I definitely needed this stone in my collection.

Cheryl R

Thankyou. I Love my stones. Even though it took awhile to get them. It was well worth it