Spirit Quartz Cactus Amethyst Gemstone Cluster

Increase Spiritual Energy in Your Home

If you’re feeling out of alignment, spirit quartz may be just the pick-me-up you need. Also known as cactus quartz or cactus amethyst, this candle-shaped stone has earned a reputation for excluding alignment and harmony. Why? Because it takes the main stone’s energies and amplifies them into the tiny points! The result is radiant and spiritually uplifting energy that extends in all directions—energy that aligns the physical body, meridians, and chakras.

This quartz variant is available in multiple sizes for your convenience, including mini (1” - 1.25”), small (1.25” - 1.75”), medium (1.75” - 2.25”), large (2.25” - 2.75”), extra large (3” - 4”), and jumbo (4.1"-5"). Please note that sizes are approximate, and your gemstone may be slightly smaller or larger.

Cleansing & Healing Energy

Spirit quartz’s meaning is one of its main attractions. With its charming yet subtle lavender hue, this stone facilitates the sending of messages between the stone’s owner and the spiritual realm. For this reason, many gemstone enthusiasts turn to cactus quartz for messages from spirit guides, ancestors, and other spiritual entities.

This type of quartz is also known to cleanse a person’s aura and draw bright energy to them. As a result, your voids may be repaired, and you may experience a healthier and happier environment. This stone is also said to promote creative thinking and logical passion, therefore allowing you to pursue important life opportunities and steer clear of less viable chances for success.

Your Choice for Top-Tier Gemstones

At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we’re proud to bring you exotic, unique gemstone specimens from all over the globe. Each of our stones is hand-picked and individually packaged. Plus, we include colorful, full-page printouts that list each gem’s metaphysical properties with every order! We also offer eco-friendly paperless shipping options at checkout, in addition to minimal plastic for sustainability.

Ready to get in touch with your spiritual side? Explore our selection or reach out to our staff for guidance on finding the perfect stone for your intentions! Our team of passionate gemstone enthusiasts is here to answer all of your questions, so what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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Customer Reviews

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Dawn Dowty
Lovely stone

Love it, its beautiful

Shaince Sevier
I absolutely love this stone !!

Such as mystical stone !

Carol Senecal

Beautiful gem.

Tayler Borys

Spirit Quartz Cactus Amethyst Gemstone Cluster

Yolanda Agosto
Simply Beautiful!

I have never heard of this crystal and it caught my eye. It is such a beautiful crystal, nice size and the energy that radiates from it is incredible. Thank you.