Strawberry Obsidian Manmade Tumbled Stone - One Stone

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These lovely Strawberry Obsidians are a type of manmade tumbled stone that has been accepted by the crystal community for spiritual purposes. Ranging from a cheery red to a tender pink, Strawberry Obsidian often features swirls, streaks, or bubbles within since it is a product of human ingenuity. Associated with the Root and Heart Chakras, Strawberry Obsidian encourages us to move through the world with confidence and joy.

Strawberry Obsidian is a wonderful polished stone to work with if you are looking to cultivate an era of happiness in your life. Meditation with Strawberry Obsidian reminds us to seek out the best for ourselves, and it is an amazing spiritual tool for motivation. If you are seeking new beginnings and experiences, Strawberry Obsidian is the perfect support gem full of youthful joy, self-trust, and positivity.

Strawberry Obsidian is a semi-transparent, pink-to-reddish manmade stone. It often features streaks of coloration within the clear stone. Color Obsidians are manmade stones, but widely accepted in the gemstone community. Tumbled stones of this kind are often wire wrapped to create beautiful jewelry pieces or home decor.

Product Information:
These Strawberry Obsidian tumbled stones measure approximately 0.75 - 1.1 inch long.

Strawberry Obsidian is a manmade stone, but has been accepted by the gemstone community for spiritual purposes.

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I love these crystals. They're just like they're pictured. 😍

Taylor Mathews
Fast service

I really had one of the greatest customer service experiences when receiving this item. Highly recommend this website

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Owl Wheat
Amazing stone.

Man made, excellent. Very whimsical, would recommend.


Lovely color and nice heft.

Samantha Kris
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