Sunstone Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Sunstone

The Energy of the Sun

Sunstone carries the energy of the Sun star in our solar system. The gemstone is alive with solar energy when you hold or wear it and you can feel it radiate through all 3 of your bodies. Sunstone shines a supernatural light within your consciousness and helps you to receive powerful messages from your ancestors and spirit guides. It will also help you to receive the blessings and gifts of the Universe. Sunstone brings abundance, prosperity and hope into your life; even when things seem hopeless. When you work with sunstone you will feel amazing clarity and mental strength. Sunstone will open you to new paths of galactic wisdom and understanding. You will be able to break free from the rut you find yourself in with life and seize upon the greatest opportunities the world has to offer.

You will receive one stone, approximately 0.7"-1.1"

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Customer Reviews

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Really happy with the size and beauty of this piece. ❤️

Gorgeous stones!

Beauties. Full of warm energy and positive vibes. Love them!

Healing from within

After I received my order I was amazed at the beauty and serenity that I felt with my Gemstones. I am so thankful for the grounding and centering that my healing stones are offering me. Beautiful and serene I will definitely be purchasing again from Crystal Gemstone Shop


An absolutely beautiful stone. Good price, good energy, nice packaging, and didn't take too long to ship. They have a cute little box for each item it's really nice.
This is by far one of my favorite crystal shops. Will be getting a few more of these precious stones.

Awesome stones and service!

I was very impressed with everything!
I received them quickly, the stones were beautiful, great size, packaging was excellent and priced vwry reasonably. Each stone was wrapped individually then in a labelled, nice size box so they were secure.
There was also a very nice writeup on each stone’s meaning. Very very nice, CGS Shop definitely takes taht extra step in every way. 5 star rating from me and i go tothia site first when I am looking for stones.
Thank you and great job! Chris