Taurus Zodiac Kit, Tumbled Crystals and Charging Plate

Taurus Crystals Kit

If you’re equally obsessed about the zodiac and natural stones, you’ll find all you’ve ever wanted in this Taurus-themed kit. Each one includes:

  • 4 Taurus Stones and Crystals: Approximately 0.5" - 1" on the longest side, tumbled or raw
  • Wooden Triangle Shelf: 5" x 6" x 2", painted with chalk paint, color may vary slightly
  • Shimmery Selenite Ruler Charging Plate: Approximately 6.5" long
  • Sterling Silver Taurus Star Sign Necklace: Your choice of finish!

We select all of our crystals by hand to ensure you receive only the best gemstones representing the zodiac. Get ready to say hello to the Taurus inside of you and discover your inner bull with these beautiful gemstones!

Your 4 Taurus zodiac stones are selected at random and may contain any of the following:

The Appeal of Taurus Crystals

Our kit’s Taurus zodiac stones are available in both raw and tumbled forms. No matter which types of stones you receive, you can be confident that they will stand out for their natural beauty and metaphysical properties. All of our stones are about half an inch to an inch long.

In your kit, you will receive a wooden shelf as well. This triangular shelf is painted with beautiful chalk paint. You’ll also receive a charging plate for your crystals. The 6.5”-long plate is claimed to naturally cleanse, charge, reactivate, and amplify the gemstones placed on it.

Finally, we’ll treat you to an irresistible Taurus necklace made from sterling silver and featuring your star sign. The necklace’s finish is your choice!

Shop at Crystal Gemstone Shop Today!

At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we’re honored to offer you consistently high-quality gemstones, crystals, and jewelry for all of your meditating and display needs.

Note that each order of stones is handpicked to ensure that you receive only the best specimens. In addition, we include printed information about the metaphysical properties of your Taurus crystals.

We also handwrite all note cards and gift cards to make them unique and personalized to you. Each of our gemstones individually boxed for your convenience.

Contact us at Crystal Gemstone Shop to find out more about our crystals, and see for yourself how Taurus stones and crystals can add beauty to your life!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Absolutely beautiful necklace and stones!

Gennifer Hoegen
Lovely little kit

I recently moved and bought this for my new desk space. Nicely made and looks great. Would have given 5 stars, but only complaint is the Carnelian stone chosen for the kit is super round so it likes to do its own exploring about my room.

Love it

Great quality! That is why I keep coming back. Thanks 🙏 The gift was great too.

Francisca Estrella

I love my pieces!!!! I am obsessed. I sent information to my sister so she can also enjoy her crystals

Judith Peterson
Taurus Energy

Love my order.... beautiful