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These lovely druzy Quartz crystals go by many names : White Spirit Quartz, Ghost Cactus Quartz, Fairy Quartz, Sugar Quartz, and many more! This is because all over the world, crystal collectors fall in love with the beauty of Quartz druzy.  These little crystal clusters are perfect for anyone who likes to display crystals as part of their home decor. Spirit Cactus Quartz clusters are also a natural choice for building wands, especially for those who wish to practice spirit channeling or aura cleansing.

Spirit Quartz is a gem with highly active energies associated with the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. It is a crystal of heightened awareness, insight, intuition, and guidance, known for facilitating stronger spirit communication with ancestors, guardian angels, energy echoes, and spectral entities. For those practicing aura work Spirit Quartz is a helpful focal stone, assisting in aura cleansing and repairing spiritual voids. Considered a gem of mental clarity and wisdom, Spirit Cactus Quartz is used as a support stone when making difficult decisions, as it encourages responsible decision making and creative problem solving.

Cactus Quartz, also known as Spirit Quartz or Fairy Quartz, occurs when Quartz crystal (or Quartz variants like Amethyst) points form a crust of second generation crystal growths on the prism faces. These smaller crystal growths point away from the prism, often leaving the tip of the first generation crystal exposed. These secondary crystal growths are sometimes referred to as Sugar Quartz or Sugar Druzy. Since this growth pattern can also occur with Lavender Amethyst, or with intergrowths of Quartz and Amethyst, it is common to find formations named Cactus Amethyst, Spirit Amethyst, or Fairy Amethyst as well. These formations can range from ghostly pale (White Spirit Quartz) to golden (Yellow Spirit Quartz) to purple (Lavender Spirit Quartz) and may feature additional mineral inclusion as well.

Product Information:
You will receive one Spirit Cactus Quartz crystal cluster measuring approximately 1.3 - 1.7 inch long. These are rough, raw, natural crystals whose shape, size, and coloration varies as photographed. 

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Customer Reviews

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Kristina Ray
Ghost Spirit Cactus Quartz

Stunning! I have never seen anything so sparkly in my life. Just beautiful!


Was a gift for a friend and she loved it ❤️

Debbie Bush

This is a beautiful stone & I'm excited to work with it.


I can't wait to work with this stone!

Jennifer Perry
Packs quite the punch

My mom, sister and I have gifts though they won't admit it like I do. As soon as I had my mom hold this piece she was predicting events and had a loved one visit.