Zebra Blue Amber Tumbled Polished

Zebra Amber

A piece of ancient history, amber is a stunning fossil from a prehistoric world.  It is an amber that resonates with incredible energy and has a strong presence when held during meditation or quiet time.

Zebra Amber encourages you to learn about yourself, to explore your inner desires and wishes, and to be more present in your experiences.  Zebra Amber clears negative energies from you and keeps you focused on what is important in your life.

Blue Amber has a stunning color in UV light and is captivating as it holds tremendous energies that are from the ancient Hymenaea protera trees 25-40 million years ago.  Working with amber is always like a conduit to an ancient world as its presence alone is remarkable given its history.

This amber glows a gorgeous teal-blue color under a black light.

You will receive 1 piece of Zebra Amber, approximately 0.75"-1.25"

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Customer Reviews

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Therese Carey
Very cool

Nice specimens. Arrived fast. Im happy

Kasey Albritton

Always beautiful rocks of quality

Cristy Murjan
Simply Beautiful

I have yet to be even the slightest disappointed in anything I have purchased! The quality and care resonates! Great vibes only!

Lawrence Bell
Awesome gem shop

If you collect pretty rocks 🪨 these folks have everything but gold nuggets. I love just to look at them 😍. Also,free stuff. I love 💘free stuff😁

Love it!

It feels super nice in your hand the color is beautiful and it looks really nice in the sun, this is definitely a great shop regardless of whether you are experienced with crystals or not, I definitely recommend their prices are super reasonable!