Bloodstone | Stone for Extreme Focus & Amplification of Life Force

Bloodstone | Stone for Extreme Focus & Amplification of Life Force

Tumbled Bloodstone


Stone for Extreme Focus & Amplification of Life Force

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the blood-red beauty, Bloodstone crystal.


History of the Stone

Bloodstone, or bloodstone crystal, is a jasper or a chalcedony that has droplets of red that pepper the stone. These red spots are actually from iron oxide, and because of the color and nature of their appearance, it gave life to the common name of Bloodstone. Its name is the subject of many blood-related themes or stories.

Large Tumbled Bloodstone

One such famous story is that of a normal piece of green jasper resting at the cross where Jesus was crucified. Jesus's blood fell upon the stone, creating Bloodstone for all of eternity. Bloodstone has also been said to stop, well, bleeding. Giorgio Vasari, who wrote on painters' lives, claimed to have been struck with a hemorrhage, but was saved when a painter, Lucca Signorelli, gave Vasari a piece of bloodstone. The hemorrhage then stopped.  

Interestingly, some Native American tribes, specifically those in South America, would also use the stone to stop hemorrhages. But supposedly the Spanish did similar things, and so the two stories could have merged at some point. This becomes more apparent as missionary Bernardino de Sahagun is said to have stopped plenty of Mexican natives from hemorrhaging. This was accomplished by having them hold bloodstone. And Robert Boyle claimed that a man put an end to a nosebleed with bloodstone. So it appears that blood and stone have been married for a long time. It has also been known as a stone of the Sun. It is also called Heliotrope Thus, one can call it a heliotrope crystal or a bloodstone crystal.

Scientific Information 

Misconceptions: Bloodstone is often mistaken for Dragon Stone. The "blood" or red parts are also often mistaken for being jasper, but it's actually hematite.

Hardness: 6.5-7

Lustre: Waxy, Dull

Crystal System: Trigonal

Etymology: Bloodstone is a compound word, from blood and stone. Bloodstone is formally known as Heliotrope. From Greek, heliotropion

Location: US, Europe, and Brazil


Metaphysical Properties

Bloodstone crystals have always been used to try and make the world a better place in someway. In the act of helping others, Bloodstone has become known as a stone of purity. It is an empowering you and can provide healing energies.

  • Stone of the Sun
  • Stone of Healing
  • Stone of Purity
  • Stone of Self-Empowerment
  • Bloodstone has been a healing and helping stone for centuries. As far as we can tell, it always will be.  

    The Wrap Up

    Bloodstone is a stone that was subject to many interesting blood-related myths and stories. Even though it doesn't have the elegance of something like a diamond, people praised it for its healing and empowerment properties.

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    Bloodstone Orbs

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