Blue Goldstone Meaning | Healing Crystal Properties

Blue Goldstone Meaning | Healing Crystal Properties

Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone is manmade, and most people are surprised to learn it has been around for a few hundred years.  Yes, centuries.  Blue Goldstone is believed to have been made by Italian glassmakers in the 1600s, who kept the formula a closely-guarded secret for nearly 200 years.  When the Venetian glass-making family Miotti, no longer made their signature glass, there were several Italian glassmakers who created their own formulas of goldstone.

Blue Goldstone is glass that is copper-rich and usually contains iron, chromium, or copper oxide.   It's glittery & sparkly appearance has made it a favorite of jewelry makers, glass collectors, and gemstone collectors over the centuries.  Goldstone glass became a fan favorite of the stone-collecting world in the 1970s, when Goldstone had a resurgence in popularity.

Blue Goldstone Meaning

Blue Goldstone Meaning

Blue Goldstone attracts the heart's desires and repels the negativity of others. This stone helps you discover the deepest corners of your heart and will help you discover opportunities through your life. Blue Goldstone is a lively and active stone that brings you encouragement of your natural talents & will help you become more expressive. This gemstone is popular with entertainers as it strengthens your natural creativity and helps your inner beauty shine.

Blue Goldstone is a purple-blue stone that has a glittery appearance.

Blue Goldstone Crystal

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