Green Aventurine Tumbled Gemstone - Single Stone

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Introducing the Green Aventurine Stone, a gem that captivates with its lush, vibrant hues and subtle shimmer. It is a wonderful stone to add to your crystal collection or home decor if you love earthy tones and soft green hues.

A common feature of aventurine is the soft sparkle that appears in the stone. The Green Aventurine Crystal is no exception. This exquisite stone is loved not only for its beauty but also for its symbolism, and the green aventurine has symbolic meaning in prosperity and luck. The green aventurine properties include its green color and glistening sparkles, making it a loved choice with jewelry makers, collectors, and enthusiasts seeking a touch of natural elegance.

Product Information:

These Green Aventurine gemstones measure approximately 0.5" - 1" long.

Specimens are natural materials and stones may feature natural internal fractures, dips, or inclusions consistent with the growth pattern of the stone.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, & Meaning of Green Aventurine

There are many different values and ideas held about green aventurine. Often, these come from old texts, superstitions, or cultural beliefs.

For instance, it is sometimes said that the energy of Green Aventurine extends beyond mere luck. It serves as a catalyst for happiness, infusing one's mind with thoughts that lead to productivity and fulfillment. This remarkable stone brings balance to one's being, nurturing a sense of humor that lightens one's spirit and opens their mind to the boundless possibilities of learning and wisdom. By embracing the qualities of creativity and problem-solving, one will effortlessly draw abundance from the world around them.

Others believe that green Aventurine, with its vibrant energy, has the power to transform one on a deeper level. It encourages one to embrace life's adventures and step outside the confines of one's comfort zone. With its gentle yet powerful presence, it soothes one's emotional body, replacing nervous butterflies with an ever-burning fire of eagerness. It invites one to savor life and share their energy and experiences with those closest to them.

Green Aventurine Properties
Green Aventurine forms in shades of green ranging from light to deep sage green, sometimes exhibiting streaks of coloration. Like many stones, Green Aventurine may feature internal fractures or inclusions of other minerals.

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Aventurine has been my stone since college. 30 years later, still get so much benefit from it!

Beautiful green aventurine

Beautiful juicy green aventurine! I used it in one of my crystal grids (IG chonkycatcrystals). Turned out magical!

Jennifer Robbins
Heart in my hands?

Great to hold, to look at, and to feel. With this Green Adventurine, it's a good time to relax into feeling the feels while tackling problematic issues. Also... it's just really pretty. 😍

Mary DeLong

lovely polished stone