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Blue Quartz

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of blue quartz.

Blue Quartz Crystal

Blue Quartz Crystal is a stone that promotes peace and inner sanctum.  Quartz rock is great for meditation, as it helps you feel soothed.  Crystal healing practitioners use it for its connection to the water element; the feeling of quiet calm and floating.  Blue Quartz can help you push through negative energy in your life and cleanse your thoughts for greater clarity.  If you're wondering if there's a crystal shop near me that sells Blue Quartz, we're right here!  Blue Quartz meaning is to focus you on a path of success.  It is wonderful for those who are looking for a fresh start in any area of their life.   It gives you the inner stillness and reflection needed to channel positive energy through your mind, spirit and body.

Blue Quartz may be a pale blue-grey to a light dodger blue, exhibiting either solid coloration or streaks of deeper Blue within a lightly colored stone. Like all Quartz family stones, Blue Quartz may feature inclusions or natural internal fractures.  There is even a beautiful Blue Rose Quartz that has recently gained love among crystal collectors.

Blue Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Blue Quartz is a calming stone to work with, and is great for meditation. When used during meditation, or crystal healing practices, Blue Quartz Crystal washes positive energy through your mind, spirit and body, leaving you emotionally renewed and ready for a new day.  Blue Quartz is appreciated as a quartz rock for being a:
  • Stone of Peace
  • Stone of Introspection
  • Stone of Water Elemental Balance
  • Stone of Self-Awareness

If you are interested in healing stones, then you may find these metaphysical properties of the Blue Quartz stone to be useful or interesting in your spiritual journey. But remember that these metaphysical properties are not verified by scientific evidence.

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 Blue Quartz Crystal Cluster

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