Brecciated Jasper

Metaphysical Properties of Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper is a stone that invigorates your mind, body & spirit. The stone brings a great sense of renewal, focus, determination, and awareness of your surroundings. The more you work with Brecciated Jasper the more you learn how to control your emotions and lessen your quickness to anger. It is a great gemstone to help you work with your sexual energy as well! Since it is innately connected to passion, Brecciated Jasper can help you to voice yours truthfully and without shame. This stone provides a solid foundation of supportive energies that flows through your consciousness and subconsciousness to reveal your inner-most desires and needs. When you work with Brecciated Jasper, you find yourself exploring new territory within the mind and spirit-- often having lucid dreams and being able to recall them. This gemstone is a great stone to work with during times of stress as it will soothe your nerves and help you realize and express your potential.

Brecciations are caused by other minerals growing within the surrounding jasper, and they come in many colors. The most common inclusions are quartz or hematite, but Chalcedony and Agate can be found as well!

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