Metaphysical Properties Of bronzite

Bronzite is a gemstone for those who want to tap into their inner champion, hero, or warrior. The gemstone brings focus, determination, and the ability to endure difficult situations in the pursuit of victory. Bronzite strengthens leadership qualities like patience, control, courage, vigor, and decisiveness. It allows you to call on these qualities, drawing them to the surface of your Self when they are needed. The stone dissolves nervous and anxious energies allowing you to create a solid foundation of self-awareness and self-confidence. Bronzite is a natural negativity repellent which sends all plaguing energies sent to you back to its source. In this way, it is the perfect protective stone for those who must face the envy or ill-wishes of others.
Bronzite is a brown stone that has small flashes of light from within. It is a highly luminescent stone that can be varying shades of brown with mixtures of tan, chocolate, bronze and copper.

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