Calligraphy Stone

Metaphysical Properties of calligraphy stone

Calligraphy stone is a tremendous stone for those who want to explore their creative mind, open themselves to ancient wisdom, or spark their imagination. You will find greater meaning in the written word when working with Calligraphy Stone, and you will find yourself lost in a creative mix of imagination and motivation. Calligraphy stone is a stone for historians, artists, scribes, and those fascinated by learning. It resonates with a mentally stimulating energy that gives you motivation to pursue higher thought processes. Associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Calligraphy Stone is used in the pursuit of looking beyond the mundane world and seeking Enlightenment.

Calligraphy stone is also known as Miriam stone, Miriam jasper, elephant skin jasper, or Arabic stone. It is a collection of fossils and shells compressed by the earth’s natural movements, which means that every Calligraphy Stone is unique!

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