Metaphysical Properties of cassiterite

Cassiterite is a stone that helps us let go of things that are not good for us in life. Instead, it encourages self-preservation, self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-love. Cassiterite is a great gemstone to work with if you are starting a lifestyle change, leaving behind negative relationships, or need the inner confidence to accept an alteration in circumstances. It is a protective gemstone which keeps us aware of things around us and helps us to use all of our senses in self-preservation. You will find great balance and harmony when working with Cassiterite as it speaks to our natural gifts & abilities. Cassiterite reminds us that we are capable, worthy, and deserving. In the face of rejection or abandonment, it is an excellent stone to draw support from, as its energy naturally buoys us up and inspires us to see the good in ourselves.
Cassiterite is also known as Tinstone, AND COMES IN A MIX OF MANY EARTH TONES, INCLUDING BEIGE, TAN, BROWN, TERRA-COTTA, AND BLACK. It may feature dips or inclusions, and even when tumbled is never completely smooth.

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