Charoite Meaning

Charoite Meaning

A guide for the history, meaning, and properties of Charoite.

Water Element | Cleansing Energy | Spiritual Attunement

Charoite is a purple stone that many love for its distinct hue. Charoite can have a simple shade from a soft, pastel purple to a dark and full violet. Thus, its gorgeous color has lent it to being a popular choice for jewelry, and it is a rare stone, so its use is somewhat limited by affordability.

Many in the spiritual community believe that charoite has meaning, typically in a metaphysical manner. They believe that this stone can cleanse a soul or three bodies. Some believe that this stone can strongly resonate with a soul and give them a more profound and fuller understanding of spirituality.

Those who believe that charoite has metaphysical properties may meditate with it, and their use of the stone may pertain to unlocking visions or providing inner or spiritual balance.

Charoite stone pieces on white background

Some in the spiritual crystal community consider the stone to be related to the Crown chakra or Third Eye chakra. Some of these members may use the stone to "recycle" negative energy and divine problem-solving courses of action.

Charoite is a gorgeous stone found in Russia. In the world of mineralogy, it is a relatively new type to be recognized. It was first classified as canasite, but in 1978 it was determined to be a new mineral. Despite that, its exact chemical composition and structure were not known and were difficult to determine. Today, it is much more studied, but it took decades of research to reach this point.

Because charoite is a relatively recent discovered stone, various aspects of it will be studied. But since its recent discovery, many spiritualists have looked into giving charoite meaning and metaphysical properties. Some might consider this to be a kind of spiritual discovery.

Aside from the spiritual aspects, charoite has also found some use in crystal decor or boho aesthetic, despite not being a common stone. This is because many like to use tumbled charoite as a form of decoration, as it has a pleasing, if not gorgeous, color.

Wrist with a charoite bracelet

Scientific Information | Charoite Properties

Charoite pronunciation: /'t͡ɕar.o.aɪt/. Commonly /t͡ʃar.o.aɪt/ in the West.

Hardness: 5-6

Lustre: Vitreous

Crystal System: Monoclinic

Etymology: Somewhat unknown, but believed to be after the Chara River in Russia.

Location: Russia

The etymology is not entirely known. Some speculate that it is named after the Chara River, since it is found near there. However, because it is only near the river, others speculate that it comes from "chary," a Russian word for "charm" or magic. This would almost certainly allude to its pretty appearance. 

However, until more research is done, the claim that it is named after the Chara River will almost certainly remain the dominant theory.

The Wrap Up

Charoite is a pretty stone. While it may have been mistaken for another one in the past, it's not likely going to happen again any time soon. Tumbled charoite is pretty, but if you've seen this stone in person, then you can see why it has been used in jewelry a lot by now.

In any case, many have looked at charoite meaning, properties, and other metaphysical information. Whether you are a spiritual collector or merely someone who loves gemstones, charoite is evidently a pretty purple stone that many will love in the years to come!

Charoite ring on display


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Rozhdestvenskaya, I., et al. "The structure of charoite,(K, Sr, Ba, Mn) 15–16 (Ca, Na) 32 [(Si70 (O, OH) 180)](OH, F) 4.0· n H2O, solved by conventional and automated electron diffraction." Mineralogical Magazine 74.1 (2010): 159-177

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