Dragon Stone

Metaphysical Properties of Dragon stone

Dragon Stone attracts prosperity, good luck, and wealth to all areas of your life, and motivates you to seek out good opportunities. This gemstone aligns you with the Elements of Earth and fire and instills the foundation for focus, determination, strength, and willpower. Working with Dragon Stone helps you connect to your inner warrior and adventurer, promoting a mindset that allows you to look at hardships as challenges to overcome. It emanates a deep thrumming energy that reduces ambient negativity and reduces feelings of self-pity or defeat.
Dragon Stone is a mixture of hues: green, brown, grey, and dark red. It is also referred to as Dragon Blood Jasper, Bastite, or Dragon’s Blood Stone, due to the presence of the deep red color. While Septarian is also referred to by the name “Dragon Stone” by some, the two stones are distinctly different in appearance and mineral makeup.

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