Fancy Jasper

Metaphysical Properties of Fancy Jasper

Fancy jasper is a great stone to help those who have cloudy, disorganized, or scrambled thoughts or for those who find themselves indecisive and easily led by others. The powers of the stone help to organize your thought process and direct your mind in a more sensible pattern, allowing you to form more solid and informed opinions. With fancy jasper you will find yourself becoming more eager to be responsible and create better strategies for difficult situations. It is a stone that works with you on a deep level to resolve well-rooted, inner conflicts and provides a more logical perspective when interacting with others. This mindset is beneficial for working with others, seeking closure, or trying to overcome negative patterns of behavior.

Fancy Jasper occurs when other types of jasper all meet in one spot. Depending on the piece of fancy jasper, you may see a mix of two or more: yellow jasper, red jasper, brown jasper, green jasper, Grey Jasper, White Jasper, etc.

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