Celestite gemstone cluster


With so many different types of crystals to choose from, finding a new gem friend can be overwhelming. Explore the different cuts and kinds of crystals and discover which gemstone cut might be right for you. 


Person holding blue agate geode pot

Geodes are spherical rocks that contain crystals inside their rough shells. They’re one of our bestselling gemstone cuts for a reason– their interiors reveal a beautiful stone that makes a gorgeous addition to any crystal collection. Our collection of geode stone cuts come polished or rough for a natural cauldron of hidden gifts. 

Circles, Cubes, Slabs, and Shapes

Person holding octahedron gemstones

Shaped gemstones can be easily used for meditation, body layouts, or gridding for any variety of spiritual practices. We offer a variety of colors, shapes and forms, including orbs, cubes, phalluses and more for high-quality gemstone cuts that make a unique addition to any gemstone collection. These stone cuts are often polished for a sleek, stunning look. 

Palm Stone

Multiple palm stones on wood background

Palm stones are frequently held during meditation and other spiritual practices to focus your attention and align your energies with the vibrations you want to attract. Their smooth surface feels good against your skin and can provide a relaxing sensation when touched or handled. 


Deep purple natural amethyst cluster

Crystal clusters are gorgeous parts of a cut gem that are often used to add dramatic flair to your meditation space. Offered in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, these natural stone cuts are formed naturally by the universe. These crystals provide a unified energy that channels the unique vibrations from their shared base.

Towers and Obelisks

Amethyst, quartz and rose quartz mini gemstone towers

Towers and obelisks are gemstone cuts of crystals, and are parts of a cut gem made from large gemstones, similar to ancient stone monoliths. They are a great way to focus your energy during meditation and are available in a variety of different crystal types, too.

Shop hand-picked crystals from Crystal Gemstone Shop and bring home a new gem friend today.

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