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A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the deep cyan Kyanite.

Stone for Deep Meditation

Kyanite is like a great blue blade that can cut through negativity. When thFis sword is drawn, one will be able to enter a deeper meditation. So let us see what has made this a great weapon for those who seek to enter a state of profound thought!

History of the Stone

Kyanite is typically found as a blade. It is not typically put into jewelry; in particular, it is rare to see it faceted. Regardless, many appreciate this stone in its raw form. 


Black Kyanite Blades

Scientific Information 

Kyanite Pronunciation: /kənaɪt/ (k-eye-uh-night)

Kyanite Misspellings: Kianite, Kyanit, Kyanight

Hardness: 5-7

Lustre: Vitreous

Crystal System: Triclinic

Etymology: Named after the Greek word for blue, “kyanos”

Location: Global

Kyanite is a bluish mineral with high aluminum content. It is important in the manufacturing of some materials, including glass and glass kilns, ceramics, electricity, and chemicals. It has the ability to strengthen tiles and ceramics. Despite making up a fraction of the product of refractories, the mineral is vital for some industries. About half of all kyanite refractory produced is used in the metallurgy industry alone.

Metaphysical Properties

Kyanite can cut through and filter energy as necessary, though it is not a great medium for storing energy. Kyanite also makes for a good blockage buster stone.

  • Stone for Filtering Energy
  • Stone for Self-Expression
  • Stone for Discovery
  • Stone for Crown & Throat Chakras

  • During meditation, some find that they can dive deep with kyanite, especially when getting in tune with their Crown & Throat Chakras.  

    The Wrap Up

    This beautiful blade has its use in meditation for sure. Hack away at negativity and balance out chakras!

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    Rainbow Kyanite Blades


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