Morganite - Stone of Love in All its Incarnations

Morganite Bowl


Stone of Love in All its Incarnations

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the Rosy Morganite


History of the Stone

Morganite is technically a pink beryl. Anything is pretty in pink, and that goes double for stones! Morganite's pink hue is generally subdued, but such hints of a rose are what make this stone extra special! Why is this beryl pink, though? Its soft rose color is caused by the presence of manganese.

George Frederick Kunz, a prominent mineralogist, discovered the stone in 1910 in Madagascar, but since then there have been other localities, primarily within Brazil and other parts of Africa.  Ultimately, Kunz is the one who gave the stone the name, and so it now honors J.P. Morgan. Furthermore, Kunz was involved in the prized Morgan-Tiffany collection, though Kunz testified that the he suggested the name because of Morgan’s "encouragement" of "art and science in America and Europe." Kunz found his first brilliant specimen of morganite in the mountainous regions of Madagascar; he claimed that his specimen of morganite came from "Mount Bity." Kunz described plenty of other minerals and gemstones that could be found in island off of Madagascar, including aquamarine, ruby, and sapphire.

One of the more notable specimens is the Rose of Maine, an ~11 inch wide piece of good quality that was hauled out of the mine in 1989. This whopping crystal sat at around 50 pounds. 


Scientific Information 

Hardness: 7-8

Lustre: Vitreous

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Etymology: Named after J.P. Morgan

Location: Brazil, Africa, and parts of the United States.


Metaphysical Properties

Some more information

Morganite enriches romance and love in its various manifestations. Is positive energy lends itself towards linking one with aspects of love. In terms of meditation, it is an exceptional choice towards working with the heart chakra. 

  • Stone for Love
  • Stone for the Heart Chakra
  • Stone for Relationships
  • Stone for Harmony

Morganite harmonizes relationships and helps when building them.


The Wrap Up

Morganite is relatively new in the world of gems, but after some time it has cultivated a reputation of bringing people together. Morganite's soft, rosy color is admired by many. Some of these beauties amount to rather large sizes. But no matter how big or small, people just love this pretty pink stone. 

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Mixed Morganite


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