Pyrite - Stone for Protection

Pyrite - Stone for Protection

Pyrite Eggs


Stone for Protection

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the protective Pyrite.


History of the Stone

Pyrite has a neat little spot in history for its relationship with man and fire. Pyrite was likely used by those of the Old Stone Age to start fires. Fire gives warmth, light, cooks food, and may help ward off wild animals. The stone's reputation of protection is certainly quite old, therefore it is often a top choice for those seeking spiritual protection of some sort. 


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Scientific Information 

Hardness: 6-6.5

Lustre: Metallic

Crystal System: Isometric

Etymology: From Greek “pyr” meaning “fire”

Location: Global

Pyrite’s name has great significance for human history. Striking pyrite with metal or a hard object was one of the first methods used to create fires. Today, it doesn’t have much commercial value. It has been used for sulfur in modern times. There might just be a pyrite renaissance yet, however. Pyrite could have a major role in data storage and processing.

Visually, it can have a rich golden color and striking metallic luster.  Unlike actual gold, pyrite is very hard. Pyrite often forms in cubes. It is the most common disulfide mineral.


Metaphysical Properties

Pyrite makes an appearance in jewelry as an aegis that thwarts the plans of magick and spirits with ill-intent. Others use it to attract prosperity and luck.

  • Stone for Luck
  • Stone for Prosperity
  • Stone for Cleansing
  • Stone for Positivity
Meditators use or invoke the stone for protection when performing rituals, especially for those who seek to promote healing within their 3 bodies.


    The Wrap Up

    The conclusion here.  Should give people a quick recap and tell them some stuff. Notice the bolds and italics, used for highlighting things so people remember than and for emphasis. Stuff that ought to stick with the reader after they leave. The bulleted list is also helpful for spitting facts. Relevant images are also useful of course.


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