Opal - Stone of Angelic Energy


Stone of Angelic Energy

Opal Ring

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the Seraphic Opal.

History of the Stone

This fascinating and truly nonpareil stone has captivated many throughout history. Pliny the Elder thought of it as a stone that was, actually, a medley of many precious gems, such as rubies, amethysts, and emeralds. Opal was ranked very highly by the Romans along with Emerald. Opal was so prized by Romans that some would rather face punishment from the state than relinquish the stone. Roman senator Nonius was cast into exile after refusing to surrender his prized opal (worth two million sesterces, or twenty-thousand gold coins in Roman times). Marcus Nonius is said to have inspired the film “Gladiator” and his tomb was unearthed decades ago. By the medieval period, it became known as the “lucky” stone. A lot of opal was exported from Mexico to Spain. Opal can be found in many Aztec carvings and many gems are engraved. In Europe, many localities exist in Hungary. Since ancient times, Hungary was known have a vast wealth of opal ready to be mined, cut, and sold. Despite this, Opal tends to have minor flaws in it.


Australian Opal


Scientific Information 

Opal Pronunciation: /opəl/ or /oʊpəl/ (o-puhl or oa-puhl)

Opal Misspellings: Opil

Hardness: 5-6

Lustre: Vitreous

Crystal System:  Amorphous

Etymology: Either the Latin word for it, Opalus, or Sanskrit Upala

Location: Global

Opal is a silicate stone that can consist of up to 20% water, all trapped inside. Being a very bright, colorful stone, it was held in high regard by some cultures, including Romans and Bedouins. 

Metaphysical Properties

Documentation and reports of opal's properties are as old as time. In many ways, it's like you have a bouquet of beautiful stones. Mirroring this, properties are plentiful and powerful, as it is in full supply of Earthen and Astral energy

  • Stone for Astral Energy
  • Stone for Earthen Energy
  • Stone for Third Eye
  • Stone for Enlightenment
This rare and wonderful stone establishes connections with psychic abilities and provides insight in meditation, mysticism, and magick.

The Wrap Up

Opal is legendary, gorgeous, and has a multitude of metaphysical properties that many enjoy. People often employ it on supernatural journeys to help them gain insight on potential growth.

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Opal Ring

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