Opal shimmers as it appears to have captured hundreds of rainbows within its grasp.  Opal provides a prismatic experience when it comes to mysticism and magick.  You can feel the fragments of Earthen and Astral energy reflect around you in vibrant refractions of supernatural energy.  Opal creates a vivid connection between you and the paranormal forces of the world; opening your Third Eye to amazing visions of the future.  Pliny the Elder documented the beauty of the stone and the name of the stone "opal" evolved over time.  Pliny called it "opalus" but it is believed "opalus" came from the Sanskrit word "upala" which translates to "precious stone".    It has long been a coveted and prized possession of anyone fortunate enough to have an opal.  It continues to be a rare gem that is sought after by those with riches.  When you have an opal in your life you can feel many paths of enlightenment awaken for you.  Whether you are embarking on a journey of power for yourself or you simply enjoy shamanic energy in your life the opal stone provides you powerful accompaniment in all your paranormal endeavors.  This stone provides you incredible connections with your own psychic & intuitive abilities while soothing you with its peaceful grace.

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