Picasso Jasper

Metaphysical Properties of Picasso jasper

Picasso Jasper is a meditation stone that awakens the Third Eye and helps you to become more aware of everything that is seen and unseen around you. This stone is a creative force that provides you the confidence, focus, and determination to see beyond the mundane workings of the daily world. It promotes psychic premonitions, enhanced intuition, and divine visions. Working with Picasso Jasper can help you make amends with others and restore connections with loved ones, as it opens you to other viewpoints you may not perceive regularly. This gemstone is a powerhouse for working with creative thought and coming up with imaginative ideas & solutions for life, as it assists in opening the third eye.
Picasso Jasper is light grey or beige with streaks of black or brown that look like a paint brush. It may also exhibit tones of brown, cream, or tan. Each piece of Picasso Jasper is wholly unique, with no two ever looking quite the same.

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