Pink Tourmaline

Metaphysical Properties of PINK TOURMALINE

Pink Tourmaline is a stone that stimulates the Heart Chakra and inspires compassion, affection, and altruism. This gemstone guides all matters of the heart whether it is self-love, friendship, familial, or romantic. Pink Tourmaline helps you form loving relationships and brings a sense of peace, ease, and appreciation that radiates from the shared bond. This stone relieves stress and chaotic energy by providing warmth and support, alleviating jealousies, insecurities, and resentments. Pink Tourmaline makes you feel contented, cultivates appreciation, and promotes an optimistic view of the future. Pink Tourmaline is a wonderful stone to work with to pull you out of the murkiness of negativity and find love for yourself and others.

Pink Tourmaline can range in hue from a light pink stone to a full-blooded pink, and it forms in rods or tubes amid matrix stone or alongside other forms of tourmaline. The most vivid colorations of Pink Tourmaline are usually referred to as Rubellite.

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