Precious Gemstone Baby Names for Your Precious Little One

Gemstones have been a part of our lives reaching back into the ancient world as our ancient ancestors recognized the benefits of gems & minerals.  They wanted to imbue and honor the gems by giving their names to their most precious asset, their children.

Your most beautiful child will be named after the most beautiful creations of Mother Earth, bringing the love of Earth full-circle between the most compelling, motherly forces in nature.

Choosing a name for your child is a special, sacred event.  You should choose a name that imbues your child with the characteristics that you wish to see them embody in their life's journey.  Naming a child is an honor that is spoken & given from the heart, and speaks of the hopes you have for them in their lifetime, and honors your ideals & beliefs.

Whether it's a first name, middle name, or even third name for your child, you can bestow upon them your love of Mother Earth's treasures.


Gender Symbol Female

A name that derives from Agatha and not the stone. Agate is a protective gemstone that surrounds you with a field of supernatural energy.



Gender Symbol Female

Created from fossilized tree resin, amber is an ancient force of energy, symbolizing life force, magical energy, healing power, and once believed to be the tears of the gods



Gender Symbol Female

Long heralded by ancient civilizations, and worn with regal passion by royalty through multiple cultures even to modern-day monarchies, Amethyst is one of the most treasured gems, bringing calm, majesty, power, and prosperity.



A once popular name. This name likely influenced the name Cheryl, a mix of Cherie and Beryl. A calming stone that brings peace, used by healers of ancient societies. 



A common name with many variations; Krystal, Krystel, Crystel, Christal, etc. Crystals have long been admired and used by dozens of societies all across time, including today. Crystals have some secret within them; ancient knowledge, magick, or wisdom



A name derived from the precious stone. Diamonds are prisms of energy that amplify the positive energy and redirect negative energy away from you. Diamonds promote enlightenment when they are used during meditation.



Emerald is a gorgeous gemstone that has been hailed through ancient and modern times for its amazing powers. It is a stone known to bring about great love, connect two people with true love, reveal the truth in people & situations, and inspire grace, harmony and happiness. The name has other variations, such as Emeraude and Esmeralda. 


A name that was popular among men and women in the late 1800s and early-mid 1900s. Garnet is a stone that is multi-faceted in its powers. It is a stone that resonates with your life essence while providing a natural field of protection against the malicious, supernatural forces of the world. 


New Jade is a highly spiritual stone that connects you to the ancient past. It is the perfect gemstone to work with if you are studying ancient cultures or you want to feel a connection to ancient spiritual or ancient magical practices. New Jade is a bridge that joins the present and history together for a full view of the common bonds that exist regardless of time. This is a great stone to use for meditation prior to spiritual or magical practices as New Jade opens the mind and expands your consciousness for receiving wisdom.


A name with origins that are believed to not be related to the stone, however, in modern times, the meaning could change. Jasper is a versatile gemstone that can facilitate positive change and help you discover new paths towards self-awareness.  Jasper is a pass-through stone that can cycle away negative energy and attract positive energy.  


An uncommon, but cool and strong masculine name that refers to the gemstone, jet. Jett is often favoured over Jet, and Jhet or Jhett are the least common variations. Jet is a cleansing gemstone that can wick away negativity and dark energy. Jet is cyclic and upon providing naturally, cleansing energies it also provides a filtering, protective energy that keeps away evil. 



Another uncommon, but just as powerful sounding, male name that refers to the gemstone. This is reflected in the nature of the stone, onyx was a stone heralded in ancient civilizations for its presence of power and ability to influence and sway the energy of those around it.



Like many gem names, this was popular in the 19th century. It fell out of favour in the 20th century, but it is slowly climbing the ranks. pal provides a prismatic experience when it comes to mysticism and magic. You can feel the fragments of Earthen and Astral energy reflect around you in vibrant refraction of supernatural energy.


A name that refers to a pearl, it has a few variations, such as Pearle, Pearla, Pearly, Perle, and others. In the non-English parts of the world, there are dozens of variants and nicknames, like Margaret, Margot, Margaux, Greta, Gretel, and more. Pearls promote the purity, divinity and childlike wonderment from within. They resonate with creationary energies and will draw you into a state of total awareness. 



Unlike other gem names born from the 19th century, this gem name remained a fairly popular choice. Ruby bespeaks of nobility, power, prestige and elite status in the world. It is a stone hailed and coveted by royalty of civilizations worldwide from ancient times to present day.  



The name Sapphire never quite caught on, even in spite of the 19th century gem craze. The reason for this is likely religious, regarding the story of the Biblical Sapphira who faced fatal punishment for lying to God. This cool name may finally find its place as the world finds more gem lovers. Sapphire is a very powerful stone that has been known throughout ancient and modern history as a gemstone for royalty. Sapphire has a close connection to the Astral Realm providing it a very active celestial field.

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