Quartz Crystal Rock | A Queenly Stone

Quartz Crystal Rock | A Queenly Stone

Quartz Crystal

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of quartz crystal.

As far as Earth's surface is concerned, there is one mineral that stands out as being so abundant that it's virtually impossible to find a single culture that hasn't heard of it. We don't just mean the plain old clear quartz crystal, either, but the whole collection of quartz crystals. Plus, it's quartz, not quarts!

A globally known, widely loved mineral, quartz crystal has been extensively studied since the ancient period. It was described as permanent ice by some ancient philosophers. Like many hard minerals, Quartz Crystal was used in tool making. Unlike many other minerals used frequently in tools and weapons, quartz has a modern day purpose. Quartz Rock used in glass, metallurgy, ceramics, concrete and cement, and even electronics. In fact, its piezoelectric qualities alone would make it an industry must have in the modern day.

Image of hand holding various quartz crystal clusters

Though a common fact by now, in the ancient period, Pliny the Elder believed that quartz rock was a crystal of permanent ice. This is obviously not true, but it would be cool if it was. Step aside, diamonds, the real ice is right here.

As far as clear quartz crystal goes, it's pretty off-the-shelf. But since quartz crystal is pretty encompassing group, we might as well go over the common varieties.

Amethyst crystals are gorgeous, but they are essentially purple quartz! Citrine crystal is also well-loved for its golden beauty...but it's also a quartz rock. There is a lot of controversy surrounding citrine as being heat-treated amethyst. But natural citrine is quartz and amethyst is quartz, which means that no matter how it gets to be golden, it's basically still quartz. The story is way more complicated, though, since there is a lot that dictates why stones have the color they have, like inclusions. You can learn more about the citrine controversy in this blog!

Smoky quartz is also a much loved variety for its enigmatic and dark presence. High-quality smoky quartz is really a sight to behold, however, just like high-quality amethyst, even though they are still just quartz.

Quartz Properties

What is quartz used for? Quartz has a few uses in glassware, watches, electronics, and even countertops! Thankfully this stone is super common, because it's used quite a bit.

Where is quartz foundQuartz is basically found all over the Earth, as it is one of the most common minerals in the world.

What type of rock is Quartz? Quartz is a silicate mineral and forms commonly with igneous rocks, but can form with others as well.

Common misspelling: Quarts

Hardness: 7

Lustre: Vitreous

Crystal System: Trigonal

Etymology: From the German word “Quarz”

Location: Global

Image of Tumbled Quartz Stones

Metaphysical Properties

Quartz is said to be a stone for realizing full potential as far as metaphysical properties are concerned. A quartz stone is also said to amplify spiritual energy and enhance meditative states. Thus, the quartz meanings are said to be:
  • Stone of Power
  • Stone of Meditation
  • Stone of Clarity
  • Stone of Balance

If you are interested in healing stones, then you may find these metaphysical properties of the quartz stone to be useful or interesting in your spiritual journey. But remember that these metaphysical properties are not verified by scientific evidence.

    The Wrap Up

    Quartz may seem so boring and mundane, but it actually has a lot of use and applicability outside of being a common stone to add to your collection. There are just so many varieties that it's hard for us to say we love one over another!

    Quartz Crystal Rock

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