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Rainbow Quartz Crystal - Angel Aura Quartz - The Truth Behind the Rainbow

Aura Quartz: The Story of the Rainbow

Angel Aura Quartz Crystal is the most popular of the aura quartz rainbow.  The Angel Aura Crystal is primarily clear, with a rainbow iridescence that coats the natural quartz crystal.  Rainbow Aura Quartz quickly became a favorite amongst crystal collectors in the 21st century, as crystal enthusiasts learned how to coat natural quartz crystal with rainbow colors.  Rainbow Quartz Crystal is not found in these brilliant hues in nature, but they do bring a creative, artistic brilliance to any crystal collection.

Aura Quartz Crystal Towers

Aura Quartz: the beauty of the rainbow brought to you in stunning and vivid colors that mesmerize and bring a whole new love and appreciation for the creations of Mother Earth.

We've all seen it—someone posts a gorgeous piece of aura quartz and out come the villagers with pitchforks and torches ready to excoriate them for even dreaming of owning a piece of quartz that has a metal coating.

Why? Haters are gonna hate. There's nothing wrong with loving and appreciating the beauty of quartz in its natural formation, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying divine, metal-infused aura quartz clusters, either!

The truth behind aura quartz is that real aura quartz is made from quartz crystals. They aren't glass, resin, or plastic. They are genuine quartz crystals. Therefore, they contain all the crystal healing properties of quartz. That is the bottom line and the most important aspect for those looking to work with aura quartz for their crystal healing endeavors. An added bonus of aura quartz is that it incorporates divine metals, which bring an added spectrum of crystal healing energies that make many pursue aura quartz’s properties for their own practice.

Aura Quartz Crystal Orbs Spheres

What is Aura Quartz?

Aura quartz begins its life as a genuine quartz cluster. Typically, the quartz clusters used for the creation of aura quartz are being given a second chance at life in someone's home. Most of the time, they’re repurposed for the creation of aura quartz clusters because they have been rejected by the mine as being unfit for sale on their own. These are the clusters that are passed over time and time again in shops because they have that one crazy point sticking out of the side, or their inclusion isn't pretty, or they aren't aesthetically pleasing. Rather than being tossed into bins and broken into bits, they are rescued and given a second chance.

You see posters admonish someone for their aura quartz specimen, but what they fail to tell you is that if that piece of quartz was sitting on the gem shop shelf in all its bare nakedness, it would be passed over by the same naturalists for being dirty or “ugly” or not the “right shape.”

Aura quartz clusters are the Cinderella of the gemstone world, being saved before the stroke of midnight to be transformed into a beautiful, renewed specimen that bears all of its quartz crystal healing properties. It also brings with it the metaphysical properties of the divine metals used to give it its brilliant, aura quartz finish.

For instance, some believe that rainbow quartz is thought to possess the ability to heal and align all the chakras, which are energy centers in the body according to certain spiritual traditions.

To determine which metal is used in your aura quartz color, you can reference the chart below:

  Aura Quartz Name/Type Divine Metal it's Bonded With
Angel Aura Quartz Creation Meaning Angel Aura Quartz Platinum & Silver
Emerald Lime Apple Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Apple, Emerald, or Lime Aura Quartz Nickel
Aqua Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Aqua Aura Quartz Gold
Bubble Gum Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Bubble Gum Aura Quartz Platinum, Gold
Cobalt Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Cobalt Aura Quartz Cobalt
Fairy Princess Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Fairy Princess Aura Quartz Platinum
Rainbow Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Rainbow Aura Quartz Gold, Titanium
Rose Pink Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Rose Pink Aura Quartz Platinum
Ruby Red Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Ruby Aura Quartz Platinum
Sunshine Yellow Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Sunshine Aura Quartz Gold, Platinum
Tangerine Orange Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Tangerine Aura Quartz Gold, Iron
Tanzine Purple Aura Quartz Cluster Meaning Creation Tanzine Purple Aura Quartz Gold, Indium, Niobium


Is Aura Quartz Real?

Yes, aura quartz is real quartz. As long as you are purchasing your specimen from a reputable seller, your aura quartz should be a natural quartz cluster with a divine metal fusion that offers unique aura quartz properties. It brings you the best of both worlds: the crystal healing energies of quartz and the divine metal healing properties of the metals used to create its gorgeous, colorful finish!

These brilliant colors are not found in nature. They are created through a proprietary process that fuses the colorful metal finish to the quartz crystal to form aura quartz clusters.

How is Aura Quartz Made?

Aura quartz is a finish created through a vacuum process on a natural quartz crystal, giving the crystal a vibrant and incredible finish that pairs the energy of the crystal with that of divine metals like silverplatinum, or gold.

You should not take sharp objects to any gemstone. However, this is especially true for aura quartz because the fused metal coating is thin so as to still allow the light to come through the quartz crystal. This makes for a dramatic and breathtaking aesthetic appearance when they are placed in a window or sunny area.

Aura quartz can be made in a solid color or a blend of multiple colors for more beautiful and amazing creations!

Aura Quartz

Love your aura quartz clusters and appreciate every moment of their presence in your life. The rainbow spectrum of the crystal healing properties that aura quartz brings is incredible, and will certainly aid you in your crystal healing journey!

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