Ruby Fuchsite

Metaphysical Properties of ruby fuchsite
Ruby Fuchsite is the stone that promotes a healthy Heart Chakra. Anything and everything to do with the heart is stimulated, embraced, and empowered by this gemstone. It provides tremendous channels and links between your Heart & Crown Chakras. Ruby Fuchsite will provide vivid psychic visions and insight into your motivations and deeper emotions. When you work with this stone it clears any blockages that have formed where love and your heart are concerned. Ruby Fuchsite promotes positive & healthy energies for good relationships with others and a good self-image by cycling negative energy away for positivity to take its place. If you want to open your heart to new experiences, find forgiveness, find closure for past emotional wounds, or open yourself to new experiences of love, this gemstone will help you in remarkable ways.
Ruby Fuchsite is green with reddish spots, sometimes featuring an ivory “halo” around them. Its formation is sort of reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting. There can be swirls in the green and ivory coloring with the ruby spots scattered throughout the gemstone.

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