Sesame Seed Jasper

Metaphysical Properties of Sesame Seed Jasper

Sesame seed jasper is a stone of earthly pleasures. It increases your appreciation for the sensual! It removes any stagnant sexual energy within your 3 bodies, replacing it with eroticism that radiates from the Sacral Chakra. Sesame seed jasper is a tremendous stone to work with when you want to perform sexual magick, increase bonds with sexual spirits, or intensify your feelings of desire and lust. Sesame Seed Jasper is robust with sensual confidence, encouraging you to trust your urges and needs, and to communicate them more openly.

Sesame Seed Jasper is typically a very pale blue or green, with flecks of brown, grey, or black which look like seeds embedded in its surface. It is also known as Kiwi Jasper or Sesame Jasper.

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