Rutile Quartz

Metaphysical Properties of Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz is a stone that will help you to define who you are in this life. For those who want to find their truest and most authentic self, Rutile Quartz is a beacon of light that shines the way during the journey. Rutile Quartz helps you to absorb and process energy & information, and discover the best ways to use what you have learned to better yourself and your situation in life. The stone also works well with any form of dream work as it encourages vivid and active dreaming. Your dreams will become windows into the future and help you to organize your thoughts and decisions in life to your best interest. As an included stone, Rutile Quartz is a natural filter that helps to sort emotions and thoughts into well-organized paths of awareness. Rutile Quartz clears away confusion and misunderstandings while promoting clarity and acceptance of self. Rutile Quartz (particularly Gold Rutile Quartz) is also an exceptional tool for strengthening manifestations as it is a future-focused and goal-focused gemstone that inspires confidence.
Rutile Quartz is a clear quartz with hair-like, needle-like, or fiber-like strands of rutile embedded in the stone. The threads can be gold, silver, red or green. It is sometimes referred to as Angel Hair Stone or Venus Hair Stone.

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