Metaphysical Properties of Scolecite
Scolecite is a gemstone that vibrates with intensity when it comes to opening the channels within you for sending and receiving communication, accepting higher wisdom, and connecting with others. Scolecite radiates from within you and stimulates all of your Chakras in unison. The stone facilitates gratitude, peace of mind, and spiritual power. Scolecite helps you to feel more relaxed and capable of overcoming difficulties that stand in your way, surrounding you with positivity and abundance that flows from all avenues. It is a natural support stone for those who wish to achieve better spiritual and emotional equilibrium.
Scolecite is a white or ivory gemstone with lines or striations through the stone that look similar to snowflake or floral patterns. It can feature white, ivory, greenish, pinkish, or colorless growths. High grade specimens may feature an almost pearlescent shine along the path of these “spokes.”

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