Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron Properties & Information

If you know of tiger's eye, then you know of tiger iron. But what is the difference? Tiger iron is, without being too technical, tiger's eye with iron (hematite) banding. Tiger iron is mostly mined in Australia and in South Africa. Its hardness is about 7 on the Mohs scale, and this makes it a great option for jewelry. However, due to the unique banding pattern and chatoyance, you'll also find tiger iron in a variety of carvings. Both tiger's eye and tiger iron, then, are varieties of quartz.

Despite tiger's eye being a somewhat common stone, its definition was lackluster throughout history. One reason is that it was often considered a substitution pseudomorph — a mineral that replaces another; however, the original mineral's formation is kept the same; in this case, it was believed to be quartz substituting or taking over crocidolite. Regardless, it had a long history of jewelry-making, carvings, and decoration.

Close photo of tiger iron, showing distinct bands

However, while tiger's eye has been held as a pseudomorph for a very long time, more recent analyses have put this into question. Tiger's eye's formation is now considered to be part of a process where cracks are filled and sealed during a mineral's growth.

Tiger iron is also known as Mugglestone, as South African Tiger Iron can be found in the Mugglestein Priska District. It can feature hues of brown, tan, red, and silver-grey. Some specimens may be far richer in hematite with just a little tiger eye, tiger jasper, or red jasper, while others may be mostly red jasper or mostly tiger eye. The contents and saturation levels of each specimen will be different based on its growth pattern.

Metaphysical Properties of Tiger Iron

The following claims, as are many in the metaphysical or crystal healing community, are not verified by science or healthcare professionals; one should not substitute professional care or treatment with the use of crystals; there is no scientific basis behind the claim that certain crystal formations or colors provide any benefit aside from the placebo effect; meditation, however, is known to have certain benefits (https://www.harvard.edu/in-focus/mindfulness-meditation/), but this should not be considered as an alternative or substitute or replacement for traditional, verified medical practices, and one should always seek help from medical experts for matters and affairs concerning health, this should not be considered an alternative to seeking professional medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise.

Hand holding tiger iron stones - shows the variety in colors

Tiger iron is a beautiful stone that is said to invigorate 3 bodies and awakens the inner warrior. If one is in need of courage, victory, or stamina, this is said to be a tremendous gemstone to work with. Tiger iron is a stone said to promote healthy and long-lasting changes in one's life that moves one towards enlightenment or goals of evolution. It is said to be a powerful stone that helps one overcome obstacles in life and forge a new path to happiness. The stone is also said to be a creative resource for artists and strikes deep, emotional veins from within. It is said to help one to make wise decisions in their personal life, help make one a leader among others and give them the energy and grace to achieve success. It is said to provide a range of protective energies for one's senses, Chakras, and aura, keeping one from being unjustly influenced. The stone is said to be highly active and touches one's supernatural gifts.

The Wrap Up

Tiger iron is a great crystal with a pretty formation; it has a gorgeous blend of hematite and quartz with a soft display of chatoyance. Tiger iron is a great stone for jewelry and gemstone decoration, and it has become a top choice for many!




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