Watermelon Tourmaline Properties & Information

Watermelon Tourmaline Properties & Information

Watermelon Tourmaline Properties & Information

Green tourmaline? Beautiful. Pink tourmaline? Stunning. Both? A harmony of colors.

Tourmaline that is both green and pink is called watermelon tourmaline. We'll leave it to the reader to guess why. However, it isn't just the colors but their formation that can result in a true watermelon tourmaline. A concentric piece of watermelon tourmaline with a green outer circle and a pink inner circle is the ideal specimen of watermelon tourmaline.

Watermelon tourmaline specimens on display.

This image shows what we mean. Some pieces have a green rim and pink core, which looks like a cross-section of a watermelon. While many specimens will not have a completely green rim or a completely pink core, it's very easy to spot a high-quality piece of a watermelon tourmaline crystal. Delicious!

This beautiful blend of two colors, technically called bi-chromatic, is highly sought after by both collectors and jewelry-makers alike. Tourmaline is known for its hardness —about 7–7.5 on Mohs scale— which makes it an ideal choice for fitting it into rings, pendants, and brooches, which has been done throughout history. When it is cut into a gemstone, this pattern is often lost, but the colors are not, and it is still a very much so coveted stone.

Watermelon tourmaline's formation is pretty cool, right? Now, of course, some people get skeptical, they see this naturally occurring formation, and they think it's too good to be true. Believe it or not, crystals are highly patterned. Sure, you might look at them and think they have random formations, but crystals are literally defined by patterns. But the best specimens are cut this way best to reflect the "rind" and the "flesh."

Its unique blend of colors produces a soft palette ideal for individuals who appreciate subtle and delicate décor styles. The stone's color scheme is refined and understated, lending an air of sophistication.

Green tourmaline is a crystal that varies in hue from a light green stone to a green so deep it is almost black. It forms in rods or tubes within matrix stone, or alongside other forms of tourmaline.

Pink tourmaline is a stone that can range in hue from a light pink stone to a full-blooded pink, and it forms in rods or tubes amid matrix stone or alongside other forms of tourmaline.

Metaphysical Properties of Watermelon Tourmaline

While watermelon tourmaline is prevalent in jewelry, it has also been believed in spiritual communities to possess healing properties. Some people believe that it can help with emotional healing, promoting feelings of calmness and peace. From a scientific basis, there is no evidence to support these claims, but watermelon tourmaline remains a lovely mineral with a long history and precious beauty that continues to captivate people around the world. Please be aware that the purported therapeutic benefits of watermelon tourmaline are without scientific evidence or observation and are primarily promoted by crystal healing practitioners; they are without any endorsement from healthcare institutions, and the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements for use or substitution of professional healthcare advice. Furthermore, many of these claims are based on beliefs and superstitions from various historical periods, and they cannot be recognized as scientifically accurate. It is critical to understand that crystal healing is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment, and consulting with medical professionals is recommended.

Watermelon tourmaline tumbled stones on plain background

Spiritual and crystal healers prefer to categorize crystals, especially in terms of color. They believe that there are enough differences between the two colors to warrant an explanation for both.

Green tourmaline is a crystal said to align one with the powers of the Earth and organic forces of the supernatural. It is said to resonate to the Heart Chakra and is often considered a masculine influence (in parallel with Pink Tourmaline's feminine influence). Green tourmaline is a stone said to promote self-control, focus, determination, and a drive for success in life. It is believed by crystal healers to inspire and help one recognize their natural abilities and gifts in life, and it is believed to offer motivation and confidence to those who work with it. 

Pink tourmaline is a stone that is said to stimulate the Heart Chakra and inspires compassion, affection, and altruism. It is considered a stone of feminine energy, balancing Green Tourmaline's masculine energy. Pink tourmaline is a crystal said to help one form loving relationships and bring a sense of peace, ease, and appreciation that radiates from the shared bond. Crystal healers say that it relieves stress and chaotic energy by providing warmth and support, alleviating jealousies, insecurities, and resentments. Pink tourmaline is said to be a wonderful stone to work with to pull one out of the murkiness of negativity and find love for oneself and others.

Wrap Up

Watermelon tourmaline is a gorgeous stone that has been used throughout history for jewelry. There's no surprise why this fruity-looking stone has been loved by collectors for ages. Watermelon tourmaline is a crystal with unique cuts and a harmony of pink and green that is a delight many enjoy. Thank you for reading!

Watermelon tourmaline chips in glass display dish



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