Unakite Use Properties & Information

Unakite Use Properties & Information

Unakite Properties & History

Were you aware that the beautiful unakite stone, commonly used in jewelry and décor, has a multitude of practical applications? This exceptional rock, primarily composed of pink feldspar, quartz, and green epidote, was recently discovered in the Unaka mountains of the United States, but it has since been found in various other locations, such as China and Brazil.

The market for unakite extends far beyond jewelry and wonderful carvings. In construction, it's used for tiles and window sills, and it's even crushed up and added to highways and drainage rocks. Crushed stones, like unakite, can also be implemented in building bridges, dams, railroads, tunnels, and, yes, much more.

Hand holding three unakite carves palm stones

Despite not being as highly sought after in the gem industry, unakite's versatility in construction makes it a much-prized material. It ranks 6 on the Mohs scale, and it isn't frequently used for its lack of clarity. However, when it is used in the gem and rock industry, it's frequently employed for beads, bracelets, and sometimes pendants. Otherwise, it is commonly carved to make things like animal carvings, totems, eggs, or gemstone spheres, which are simply amazing when they use this rich green stone.

Metaphysical Properties of Unakite

It is imperative to note that the assertions made by the crystal healing or metaphysical community regarding the healing or spiritual abilities of stones lack scientific evidence and endorsement from healthcare professionals. We strongly discourage the use of crystals as a replacement for professional care or treatment. Scientific evidence does not support the notion that specific crystal formations or colors offer any benefits beyond the placebo effect.

While meditation offers some benefits, it must not be considered a substitute for conventional, verified medical practices. It is critical to always seek assistance from medical experts for health concerns. The use of crystals or meditation should never be perceived as an alternative to seeking expert medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise.

Unakite is said to be a stone of abundance and happiness! Unakite is said to be a strong gemstone that resonates with love, optimism, and gratitude for the blessings in life. This stone helps one unearth the hidden emotions and repressed emotions from within so that they can be resolved and reach closure. Unakite is said to be an uplifting and inspirational gemstone that directs their focus toward what is truly important in their life. Unakite is said to help one to understand their deeper emotions and motivations, drawing in positivity to allow for the healing of emotional wounds. Unakite is said to help one to overcome troubled areas of their life and become more aware of the things that will bring them happiness.

Hand holding three unakite carved eggs

Unakite is a stone that features green and pinkish coloration, sometimes mixed with white or black inclusions. The green may range from leaf green to green-brown, and the pink may range from pale salmon to coral-colored. At times, Unakite features inclusions of Quartz, the presence of which is said to create a bridging effect between the mind and heart, allowing for more clarity and focus when dealing with deeper emotions.

The Wrap Up

Unakite is a beautiful stone with a unique blend of colors that has made it a common choice for rock carvers. However, the stone has so much more use outside of making a desk that much more pretty. Unakite has extensive use in construction and architecture that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.




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